Anger Management Counseling

Anger Management Counseling in Buffalo, NY

We all know what it’s like to become overcome with anger. Anger is a natural emotion that arises when we experience hurt, frustration, fear, or injustice. Anger is easy to identify because it elicits powerful physical responses such as adrenaline rush, increased heart rate , and fast breathing. While it is normal to become angry, some people may find their unbounded anger negatively affects their lives and the lives of their family, friends, and co-workers. If you suspect you have an anger problem, a caring anger management counselor in Buffalo can help you learn to cope. 

Understanding Different Types of Anger

Our experienced anger management counselors work with people suffering from chronic anger issues, helping them identify root causes and creative ways to cope. Your Harris Hill Counseling therapist will develop a unique treatment plan for each unique client to help them appropriately respond to the cues that make them angry and set the framework for a happier, healthier, and calmer life. 

Not everyone with an anger issue experiences anger in the same way. The following are different forms of anger: 

Chronic Anger

Like it sounds, chronic anger is prolonged anger that has the potential to impact the immune system, lead to numerous physical ailments, and worsen other mental health issues.

Passive Anger

Passive anger is tricky to identify as it doesn’t present as anger. Passive anger can be described more as a slow-burning quiet rage that subtly clouds one’s worldview.

Overwhelmed Anger

Overwhelmed anger is associated with burnout. This kind of anger can arise when responsibilities become too much for an individual to handle.

Self-Inflicted Anger

This anger is directed inward and can be caused by feelings of guilt, inadequacy, and shame.

Judgemental Anger

Judgemental anger is directed toward others and is also associated with feelings of resentment.

Volatile Anger

This anger sometimes involves spontaneous periods of excessive or violent rage. People who suffer from road rage often have volatile anger.

Overcoming Anger

Anger management counseling isn’t about having you repress organic feelings of anger but instead showing you how to release and express that anger in a more constructive way. Managing anger well is a skill a client must learn, which requires practice and persistence.

Don’t Let Anger Rule Your Life

Don’t wait any longer to take control of your emotions. Harris Hill Counseling can help you with your anger issues. The caring therapists at Harris Hill Counseling will work with you to recognize the root of your anger, teach you how to respond to common triggers in healthy ways, and provide a personalized and effective anger management treatment plan.