Communication Skills Therapy

Communication Skills Therapy in Buffalo, NY

You know the cliche: communication is key. Never underestimate the power of healthy communication skills. Good communication is essential to building and maintaining strong, positive relationships with our loved ones. However, with such busy, stressful lives, many of us forget to think deeply about how we communicate. If you struggle to speak to those closest to you, communications skills therapy can help.

Do I Need Communication Skills Counseling?

Let’s do a quick quiz — don’t stress, it won’t be graded. Have you ever:

  • Said “what” or “can you repeat that?” so many times without understanding that you eventually just nod that you do?
  • Zoned out during an important conversation?
  • Become so focused on planning your next response that you miss what your partner is saying?
  • Upset a family member or friend without intending to?
  • Walked away from a conflict-resolution conversation more confused than you entered it?
  • Tried to express yourself but failed to make your point clear?

Don’t worry if you started to sweat a little taking that quiz. Most people habitually do at least half of these (if not more). We communicate with others every day, so why is it so hard

Well, because people are inherently self-focused. That doesn’t make us narcissists; it just makes us human. Great communicators usually have worked hard on the skill. Without practice and guidelines, it can be difficult to be an effective communicator. If you need a little help optimizing your communication skills, the therapists at Harris Hill Counseling & Coaching are here to teach and support you.

How Will Communication Skills Counseling Improve My Life?

Not a day goes by without you having to communicate. Some communications may be small, like, “What do you want for dinner?” Others may be significant, such as, “How do we address the problems in our marriage?” However, no matter how trivial or serious, all conversations require communication skills.

The benefits of improving your communication skills include:

- Your Empathy Will Increase

Learning to listen deeply and understand where a person is coming from will make it easier for you to do the same in the future. Eventually, your understanding of and empathy for your loved ones will flourish.

- You Will Experience Less Tension in Relationships

Communication is the foundation on which all relationships are built. Communicate well, and you’ll find a lot fewer troubles arise in your relationships. And when crisis does happen, you will be able to resolve it in a fast and friendly manner.

- You Will Have More Free Time

Poor communication skills leave problems unsolved –– creating a mess you’ll have to clean up. Strong communication eliminates issues before they start, giving you more spare time.

Improve Your Communication Skills in Buffalo, NY

Communicating well in a relationship takes work and practice, but has a huge payoff in the long run. Harris Hill Counseling & Coaching therapists have refined their communications skills and are ready to teach you how to improve yours.