Divorce Counseling

Divorce Counseling in Buffalo, NY

Regardless of the reason for proceeding, letting go of a long-term committed relationship will disrupt your life and bring up powerful emotions such as sadness, stress, and grief. Divorce is painful for everyone involved, including children, in-laws, and pets. Even when a split is amicable and necessary, it is always life-changing and stressful. Starting a relationship with a Harris Hill Counseling therapist can help ease the burden.

What Is Divorce Counseling?

Divorce Counseling at Harris Hill Counseling & Coaching can take many different forms depending on the individual’s unique obstacles and advantages. Your divorce therapist may focus on establishing healthy communication patterns between you and your partner, or we may address ancillary issues like depression and anxiety.

Often, we teach our clients how to cope with intense emotions and prepare them for what to expect during each stage of divorce grief. The overarching goal of divorce therapy is to instill a sense of confidence and security in day-to-day life and to minimize the effect of stressors as they arise during the divorce process. Harris Hill Counseling therapists always strive to create an ongoing relationship between counselor and client. We can help you after the divorce is finalized as well because even if the legal proceedings are over, it does not mean the intrusive thoughts and emotions end with it.

Should I Seek Divorce Counseling?

The divorce process, while difficult to traverse, does not have to ruin your life. At times, you may find it easy to navigate the rough waters. However, other times, you may find yourself emotionally overwhelmed. When stress increases, it is okay to reach out. A good rule of thumb to determine if you need divorce counseling is to look at your life before the divorce and look at it now. Have your day-to-day processes been adversely impacted? Do you feel like you can’t breathe beneath the weight of it all? Are you still able to enjoy the activities you once did? Divorce will always be challenging, but some signs that suggest you need outside support include:

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Feelings of prolonged depression and anxiety
  • Outbursts of anger
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Social isolation
  • Trouble fulfilling responsibilities

How Harris Hill Counseling Can Help

There are many ways divorce counseling can benefit you. The first step when you contact us is to give yourself the space to fully grieve the loss of the relationship, companionship, support, and your future together. Though this may seem like a solitary process, it is not meant to be tackled alone. Friends, family, support groups, and divorce therapists can all help you in the recovery process.

Your Harris Hill divorce counselor can help you to:

  • Work through the stages of divorce
  • Teach you the necessary coping skills to deal with the emotional pain of divorce
  • Provide a forum for the entire family to receive counseling and support
  • Provide relationship coaching to help you understand the reason the relationship failed and prevent future relationship problems