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Grief Counselors in Buffalo, NY

Losing a loved one is something we will all experience in our lifetime, and, unfortunately, we often have to live through it more than once. Even though everyone has grieved at some point in their lives, there is no script for how to handle the enormous feeling of loss. Grief is a meandering and stressful process that often brings up other emotions that make no sense. To process grief healthily, and work toward a new ordinary, many people require the assistance of a grief therapist.

The grief therapists at Harris Hill Counseling have helped many people rebuild their lives after a significant loss. If you are going through a dark time and need empathetic, compassionate, and constructive support, reach out to us today.

Overcome Grief

The deep sadness following the death of a loved one is a universal experience, but with time and self-care, healing and acceptance will come. However, some individuals struggle to move on and need support to overcome their grief.

Healthy bereavement can quickly become dysfunctional and debilitating. If someone in your life is unable to overcome their feelings of loss and devastation, they may need assistance from a mental health professional.

Different Types of Grief

People typically contact a grief counselor after a loved one dies, but grief therapy is beneficial for anyone who is going through any type of loss. Narrating all the reasons people pursue grief therapy would be longer than you want to read, but here are just a few of the reasons people have contacted Harris Hill for grief counseling: 

  • A beloved pet has died
  • New health problems or chronic pain make life more difficult
  • A divorce or breakup has upended their life
  • They have been laid off from a job
  • Aging has made life lonely
  • They have made a big move


The goal of therapy isn’t to make patients forget the memories they shared with their lost loved one/ lost stage of life or to make the feelings of loss disappear. In fact, repressed grief can cause even more complications over time. Instead, treatment is administered with the goal of finding resolution and acceptance.

Together, we can help you make peace and move on from any form of loss.

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You don’t have to suffer through your grief alone. Harris Hill Counseling therapists are here to help you. Our skilled counselors can initiate a treatment plan that frees you from the shackles of grief.