Child and Adolescent Counseling

Buffalo’s Leading Child and Adolescent Therapists

Harris Hill Counseling is proud to offer child and adolescent therapy to help the young members of our community.

Your Child’s Mental Health Matters

At Harris Hill Counseling, we love Buffalo and the people who keep it vibrant, including our younger community members. We recognize a need for specialized mental health services for children and adolescents.

When you seek child or adolescent therapy from Harris Hill Counseling, we tailor our treatment plans to your child’s unique issues and obstacles. We strive to understand the variety of challenges your child might face and give them the tools they need to live a successful and happy life.

Why Should I Enroll My Child in Therapy?

Children are more receptive than adults often give them credit for. They feel all of life’s events powerfully. Losing a loved one, witnessing illness in the family, moving to a new city, and more, can impact a child’s wellbeing.

At Harris Hill Counseling, our therapists help children through their mental health issues in a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Buffalo parents seek out child and adolescent therapy for many different reasons. Our counselors are ready to work with your child on any problem that causes them social or emotional distress.

Adjustments that often require support from a therapist are:

  • Death or severe illness in the family
  • Moving to a new home or school
  • Parental separation or divorce

Depression, anxiety, and OCD symptoms may also manifest in some children. These are often triggers for parents seeking treatment for their children. Social difficulties, low self-esteem, behavioral problems, or PTSD are also best treated with professional intervention.

Struggles related to academia may also prompt parents to reach out for help. Learning difficulties and ADHD impact not only a child’s performance at school but also their self-esteem, social relationships, and emotion regulation abilities.

Understanding The Need for Adolescent Therapy

Adolescence is a tumultuous time of physical change, low self-esteem, and social challenge. Teenagers are always exploring their identity, behaving impulsively, and experimenting with their new independence. In this time, emotions and insecurities run wild. As their social environments and bodies change, new pressures emerge, which can cause confusion. As you already know, adolescents also can have a lot of conflict with their parents.

Our counselors offer adolescents a safe space to connect. With the guidance of a kind Harris Hill therapist, adolescents can process this confusing time in their lives. Our therapy services are especially focused on giving adolescents the tools they need to navigate the future.

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We know what we do is important. We do not take your child’s mental health lightly. When you choose Harris Hill Counseling, you choose the highest standard of care for your child.